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Testimonials Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine

I came to Juelle very exhausted in my mid thirties, with a number of health issues that were preventing me from enjoying life much at all. Doctors and specialists hadn’t identified any of these problems over 14 years! Juelle identified my problems very quickly and on my first appointment I left with some instruction to help me on my road to recovery, after 6 months of following her advice very strictly I became well and more vital than ever having recovered from Candida.  Juelle assisted my husband and I to get our bodies ‘balanced’ to conceive our daughter.

Not only is Juelle an outstanding Naturopath she is a real person, so understands that we all like to enjoy things we shouldn’t and works with you to heal but also within reason of ‘living’ a normal life. 4 years on and having moved out of Auckland I still refer to Juelle, and she is more than obliging to ‘have a chat’ over any issues or concerns I have.  She certainly is an amazing person.  Georgina Gray

Juelle has been a wonderful, encouraging and extremely talented person to help with my son's health problems.  He was constantly getting sick from a young age which came with asthma and respiratroy issues, ear infections and bouts of antibiotics.  Immediately after consulting with and following the advice of Juelle, we noticed a dramatic improvement in our son's health, not only clearing up the obvious issues, but also helped with his sleep and his mood among other things.  We are so happy with all the changes and improvements we have seen in our boy, we have now made permanent changes in our household and the whole family is now noticing improved health.  Juelle is a kind and caring person who always listens to my concerns and constantly has a positive attitude as well as offering great advice.  She is very talented in what she does and has been able help us using a number of different natural approaches which has been very effective.  I am so grateful to Juelle for all she has done for our son and family and I look forward to continuing our health journey with Juelle's help.  Kelly

Having moved back to New Zealand from Australia 2 years ago  I went on line to look for a local Naturopath.  Google brought me to the Revitalize Health Page and so my journey to optimal health with Juelle began.

I honestly feel that Juelle is one of the best practitioners I have worked with.  Over the years I have always had a family naturopath to ensure the health and vitality of myself and my children.  I have found Juelles knowledge and intuitive healing ability second to none and the vitality of my family is a testament to this.  I personally benefited  from detoxifying with the aid of medicinal herbs from Juelle and from her guidance and coaching on restoring a natural balance in my well-being. I would highly recommend Revitalize Health and feel blessed to have found such a gifted Naturopath and healer in our community. Roisin McDonald

My experience with Revitalize practitioner Juelle has been a journey of learning about myself and my wellbeing. It's great someone who can speak the truth and bring experience and wellness into my being and then follow through with the remedies that assist/support me.  Where I have let myself down at times in the journey, it's always been an
encouraging conversation for me to shake off the downers and pick myself up again.  Thank you Juelle.  Ana Dobbs

Every time I speak with Juelle I get a sense of calmness. She is very intuitive & has been a strong emotional support in my life. She draws from her own personal experience which creates great connection with her patients. Juelle is very thorough in her assessments and have some awesome quality products. I speak highly of Juelle with my family & friends. 

Highly recommended Fiona Dubignon


Testimonials Energy Healing

I have been seeing Juelle for the last couple of years, since a friend put me onto her.  It's actually hard to put into words the gratitude I feel for what she's done for me.  She is such a talented healer with a big heart.

Catherine A - November 2017

It is a great pleasure to talk about Juelle's, over the years she has literally lifted me up with her energy work, made me stronger, given me clarity, better insight, indepth soul searching and her guidance and advice, caring nature and her marvellous follow-up have all helped and supported me through some very challenging espisodes in my life.  Her wonderful natural potions have always been spot on.  She has a natural beautiful spirit and empathy, commitment and drive in her business, that supersedes any other I've known
Margie -  November 2017

Juelle is a beautiful soul, I have experienced many energy healings from this talented lady, it has always gifted me clarity and I have left feeling lighter and free.  I highly recommend Juelle and her amazing work which is authentic and simply amazing.  I experienced a womb connection healing before I birthed my son, this was powerful...we had a natural home birth. Your gifts are stunning, thank you Juelle Love Vanessa Browne.