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Juelle Hunt
Naturopath & Medical Herbalist
Vibrational Energy Therapist
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Summer is here and we all want to look great and feel good, lose some weight – so detox time!

Our Western diets don’t provide the nutrition to allow the colon to full empty itself and yucky as it may sound there are a build up of layers of stool on the insides of our colons that are slowly poisoning us leading to all manner of diseases.  You might be saying to yourself ‘that’s not me, I eat a pretty clean diet’ think again you need internal cleansing unless you have been a vegetarian from birth living on a pristine island away from pollution growing your own organic food, trust me you need cleansing, we all do!

So what can we do about this?

You have the power of choice to living a healthy lifestyle, I don't advise my clinets to take up any particular diet for health or weight managment but prefer to look at any underlying root causes that may be preventing you from achieving health and wellness and I recommend and support my clients to take a holistic approach.

As  Naturopath, herbalist and Iridologist I will guide you on your path to good health through the 5 pillars of vital biology:

  • Opening up your elimination channels, bowel, kidney, respiratory & skin
  • Nutrition, oxygen, water, greens & healthy fats
  • Supporting genetic weakness
  • Structural support, movement, spinal alignment, flexibility, anaerobic & aerobic exercise
  • Emotional Integration, emotions, beliefs, values & decisions

We use high quality, liquid herbal tonics to support your healing process and have 10 of years experience guiding clients though detoxification.

Let’s get started,  I will do an iridology, tongue and nail analysis and start you on an individualized bowel and colon cleanse, followed by simple nutritional food plan.     To start your cleanse call Juelle on 027 463 9229 or email me

Do you suffer from emotional eating that is sabbotaging your health, I can offer you support and practical strategies to assist you to change this behaviour.  We often "emotional eat" when we are fusing with different mood states and emotional eating is a response to difficult thoughts and feelings like feeling sad, tired, bored but it can also be associated with celebration, joy or even as a reward for a job well done.  Regardless of what our patterns are and the thoughts and feelings we are experiencing associated with emotional eating, how we repond to these thoughts and feelings is key!

So if you would like some guidance and strategies on how to deal with emotional eating I offer practical sessions based on the ACT MODEL which acceptance and comittment therapy which is based on changing our functional behaviour.