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Specialist Testing



Comprehensive Wellness Testing

Urinary Indicans - Dysbiosis Testing

Urinary & Salivary pH testing

Blood Pressure

Zinc Taste Test, Tongue Analysis

Basal Body Temperature


Food & Allergy Testing (Hair Analysis)


Adult Consultation including allergy test including follow up appointment.
Child Consultation including allergy test including follow up appointment.
Infant (2 years and under)  allergy test, including follow up appointment.
The Heavy Metal and Toxic Element Assessment add on





Iridology Analysis & Report




You can take your mineral test by clicking on the button to the left, the test will take about 15 minutes.

Note: If you've never visited our website before, the first question the system will ask you will be -"Is this your first assessment?"  You should answer, 'YES'. You will then be required to enter your basic details and to provide your own 'username' and 'password' to use on future visits (please remember your user name and password).  Important:  Right at the end of this questionnaire you will have the opportunity to add comments that are important about your health, the more information you can provide the better - once you have completed the questionnaire I will endeavour to get back to your with your peronalized results.  Yours in Health


Mineral Element Therapy/Assessment Details - Why should I get ths done?

The Active Elements®  System is based upon the belief that many health issues stem from mineral element imbalances within the body. These imbalances can occur for a variety of reasons, ranging from modern agricultural practises, to poor diet and stress.

Because these imbalances often remain undetected, the Active Elements® online Assessment System provides a simple, quick and non-invasive way to help determine any imbalances that may exist.


Active Elements®formulas are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia and made to the highest pharmaceutical standards in Australia. All raw materials are sourced from the most reputable suppliers in Europe and are of the highest and most expensive grade. No raw materials are sourced from Asia.


The Active Elements®formulas are unique to the World of Natural Medicine in that they combine the homoeopathically prepared mineral salts with their physical mineral counterparts.This is a totally new approach to therapied that have ben trusted for over 130 years. 




Comprehensive Thyroid Assessment - includes rT3 $207.00

Saliva Adrenal Stress Profile (4 saliva tests + 1 DHEA's)


Comprehensive Stool Analysis


Saliva Candida Antibodies (IgA + IgG)


DNA Profiles: Nutrigenomics

Extensive Neurotransmitter Testing


Combo Extensive Neurotransmitter Testing & Adrenal Stress Profile

ALCAT Intolerance Test - 100 foods $478.50
ALCAT Intolerance Test - 200 foods $629.70  
ALCAT Intolerance Test - 300 foods $788.70

Please note ALCAT tests are done with a live blood draw and you will need to travel to Milford in Auckland to have this done.




Intestinal Permeability
(Lactulose (recovery %), Mannitol (recovery %), Lactulose Mannitol ratio

DUTCH TEST Complete - Comprehensive Hormone Profile $555.00
DUTCH - Advanced Adrenal Assessment $378.60