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Juelle Hunt
Naturopath & Medical Herbalist
Vibrational Energy Therapist
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Naturopathic Medicine


Modern naturopathic medicine is a progressive medical system that integrates the best elements of traditional and conventional treatment modalities and promotes wellness by identifying unique aspects of each patient and employing non-toxic natural therapies to restore health and well-being. The focus and central goal is supporting the inherent self-healing processes of the person.

Naturopathic philosophy is based on the holistic health approach or treating the whole person, the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual wellbeing.

At the heart of naturopathic treatment is the cause of illness rather than simply treating or suppressing symptoms. 

At Revitalize Naturopathic Healthcare I will help to guide you back to vital wellness and my commitment to you will be to get to the heart of your health concerns and to educate, support and empower you to achieve and maintain the best possible health.

Your wellness plan will be focused on lifestyle changes and natural approaches that support the body's natural healing potential, including prescribing key nutrients, herbal supplements, dietary and mind-body treatments to assist you in maintaining optimal well-being.

Prevention of disease through stress reduction, healthy nutrition and lifestyle are key!

Your consultations are based on lifestyle, health history, mental, emotional and physical assessment
as well as in-house and functional testing as required.


Virtually all chronic and most acute conditions may benefit from treatment by a naturopath. 
People of all ages can be helped. 
Common complaints seen by naturopath include:

  • Chronic colds & flu
  • Digestive problems
  • High blood pressure
  • Depression and anxiety
  • PMS & menopause
  • High blood cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Adrenal fatigue & tiredness
  • Autoimmune diseases


I practice as and integrative naturopath, I can work in conjunction with prescription
drug regimes, medical doctors, or surgeons, or make referrals for such treatment.
I am also able to refer to a wide range of other health practitioners including physiotherapists,
massage therapists or counsellors.

Top Ten Reasons to Consult a Naturopath

  • It's part of your healthy lifestyle.
  • You are taking a lot of supplements, but aren' t sure if they are right for you.
  • You want advice from a specialist who is well trained in natural therapies.
  • You want to make an informed decision about your health.
  • You want a natural health program designed for you.
  • You are confused by contradictory health claims.
  • You have vague complaints but aren't sick enough to see a medical doctor or use drugs.
  • You are concerned about the long-term side effects of drugs.
  • You have an uncommon health problem that has many specialists baffled.
  • The drugs you are taking cause side effects that are worse than the original problem.