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Iridology is an important tool in the area of preventative medicine, which can be used to focus in on areas of the health or weakness in our bodies systems.  The iris is like blueprint into our inner health and is mapped to correspond specific organs to eye markings and patterns allowing assessment of the health status of person and their presdispositions to illness.

How can Iridology help me?
For acute health conditions iridology can give a good snapshop of your current health status and can reveal nutrient and mineral deficiencies, parsites, mucus production and acidity in your system which can be corrected.  If you are aware of your predispositions to ailments you can take direct action to look after your health.  If you have an awareness of how to prevent illness by recognising early signs of potential health issues you can adopt a holistic lifestyle based on this knowlege.  For example if you knew that your body was acidic and by eating the wrong foods this could lead you to suffering from debiltating arthritis you may look at nutrition differently.

The chart below shows us how each organ, gland,
structure of the body is mapped in our eyes.


Iridology can give you a good snapshot of how well your body is functioning.

What health issues can we see by examining the eye?

Firstly we can ascertain someone's constituion whether it weak or strong and the propensity to health issues including:

  • The health of the digestive system, stomach issues including under and over acidity
  • Liver damage, toxicity
  • Propensity to allergies, mucus production
  • Bowel health, colon conditions
  • Parasites
  • Nutrient absorption
  • Vitamin & mineral deficiencies
  • Adrenal dysfuntion
  • Lympatic congestion
  • Thyroid indication
  • Organs under stress, fatigue & inflammation

What to expect in an iridology Consultation

A hand-held digital camera will be used to take photographs of the iris and these images are magnified and analysed.  This is a safe and non-invasive proceedure.

After a complete Iridology analysis of your eyes, I will create a report and a preventative health program individualized to you, a holistic approach to guide  you to optimum physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.
Natural, herbal and nutritonal medicine may be used to assist you to achieve your health and wellness goals.