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Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is the traditional medicine of all cultures and remains the most widely used system of medicine in the world today. Almost any condition that patients might see their doctor for can be treated with herbal medicine.

Conditions that can be treated with herbal medicine?
In particular, it is Very effective for treating disorders of: the nervous system, digestive system, immune system and also hormonal complaints. A qualified medical herbalist knows when a condition is best seen by another health professional and will refer you when appropriate.

Revitalize Nature's Medicine

Juelle Hunt Registered Medical Herbalist
New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists (MNZAMH)

Winner of the 'NZAMH Graduate of the Year Award 2012'

Revitalize Nature's Medicine are practitioner only herbal preparations which are individualised and effective herbal prescriptions that are tailored to your specific health requirements.

As an ethical based practice we only source the highest quality wild-harvested herbs and wherever possible organically grown including New Zealand native herbal medicines. We use and buy herbs that are sustainable and grown in harmony with the environment.

At Revitalize Nature's Medicine, in combination with consultation a specific herbal preparation will be made for you and can be picked up from our dispensary or couriered directly to you.

To order your Revitalize Herbal phone Juelle on 027 463 9229 or email juelle@revitalizehealth.co.nz

What is the best herbal preparation for you?

  • Herbal Tincture  - very effective way of taking herbal medicine/tonics, are highly digestible, quickly absorbed into the bloodstream by-passing the gut, good delivery for herbs that taste bitter, can be taken over a long period of time, easy to take, convenient, travels well,  if high alcohol content may not be suitable for people with alcohol sensitivity or children.
  • Herbal capsules - useful for taking herbs in small amounts or for herbs that taste bitter, are strong or are high in mucilage; the small "0" size is user-friendly for many children and the elderly; convenient; travels well.
  • Teas - can treat external and internally potent; highly digestible; most herbal properties are extracted in water (takes time to steep).
  • Syrups - great to treat cough sore throat, lung conditions, loosens phlegm and helps with expectoration, potent, easy to take & digest, can be tasty and great for children.
  • Salves/ointments - reduces pain, stops itching, treats bites, stings, cuts, sores, scrapes, burns, dryness and skin problems, can only treat localised conditions, easy to use and travels well.
  • Homeobotanicals - liquid formulas that are a blend of potenized homeopathic remedies & low potency herbs, easy to take, convenient, taste nice, gently and effective for children and pets.