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How wheat and gluten can affect our weight, energy and overall health

Jason Shon Bennett Health Mentor talks about the differences between Gluten intolerance/sensitivity & Coeliac Disease.  Gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity is like a slow poisoning and often the cause is we are just consuming too many gluten products in our diet. This process happens over time and we start to notice bloating, cramping, fatigue, headaches, skin problems and dark circles under the eyes. Coeliac Disease however is an autoimmune disease, an allergic reaction to the gluten which is an intestinal irritant resulting in our own body system turning on itself because it sees gluten as a foreign invader and the body fights it causing damage the gut. The good news is coeliac disease can be completely cured if you remove gluten permanently from the diet for the rest of your life. Find out more information click on this video link 

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