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Winter Wellness



Boosting your immune system

It is only when we begin to feel run down or can’t shake a cold that we give the immune system the attention it deserves.  Here are some the most important nutrients we can keep in our cupboards this Winter ... read more

Are you worried about getting sick this Winter, getting a nasty cold or virus?

Then now is the time to act with Winter upon us we can still actively build our immunity starting with good nutrition, warming & nourishing meals and soups.  I like to take Winter tonics and herbs to keep the nasties at bay particularly when viruses and colds are active in the community - like the saying goes ''An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

My favourite Winter tonic, 'Fireside Winter Vinegar', this is a wonderful fireside winter tonic that I would highly recommend to take as a medicinal starting Autumn and right thought the Winter months this will help build your immune system and assit in keeping you well this Winter. This tonic will not suit everyone as this is a Winter circulatory warming digestive tonic it is more suited to those with colder constitutions as it is hot, pungent, firey, slighty sweet.  If you really feel the cold then this will probably suit you well however if you have hot constitution and feel the heat this may be too hot for you  I am a little late in getting my tonic started but it is underway. Why don't you give this a try yourself it is amazing, if you don't have the time or ingredients I am making a little extra...Fireside Winter Vinegar recipie