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Adrenal Restorative Programme


Can you really remember the last time you sprung out of bed feeling refreshed and full of energy.  Well fatigue is one of most common complaints people are experiencing in today's fast paced world,  if you are suffering from fatigue - you are not alone.

Fatigue is our normal response to all kinds of stress, physical, emotional or just not enough sleep and for the healthy person can be resolved after a couple of nights good quality sleep, a good diet or a short relaxing break.  Fatigue becomes a problem when it is ongoing and not resolving after rest and relaxation and at this stage you need to get professional help.

Easy way to find out
Answer the simple questions below & give yourself a score out of 10 for your energy levels 1 being the lowest score with the least energy and 10 being the highest energy levels - if you have a score of 5 or lower and you are or have been experiencing these levels or symptoms for some time then you need to seek professional advice

Are you:

  •     Tired for no reason?
  •     Having trouble getting up in the morning?
  •     Depending on coffee to keep you going?
  •     Feeling run down and stressed?
  •     Dragging yourself through each day?
  •     Craving salty or sweet snacks?
  •     Struggling to keep up with life’s daily demands?
  •     Unable to bounce back from stress or illness?
  •     Not having fun anymore?
  •     Experiencing decreased sex drive?
  •     Simply too tired to enjoy life?

What are some of the underlying causes of Fatigue

Chronic infections & inflammation
Inflammation is one of the key causes of fatigue; many people have low grade systemic inflammation without even realizing it.

‘Leaky Gut Syndrome’, allergies, food sensitivities, viral and bacterial infections, autoimmune conditions, a highly refined diet, caffeine and alcohol all contribute to inflammation.

Unhealthy responses to stress

Are another cause of fatigue.  These include habits of worrying, or becoming angry or afraid.  This applies particularly to highly strung or nervous individuals and those with very active minds and have ongoing stress at work or home. 

If you have ongoing fatigue, looking at lifestyle changes, stress relief coaching, massage, individualized meditations, yoga nidra, yoga, tai chi and natural and safe treatments for mood disorders, depression and sleep may assist - we can design you a treatment plan to get you feeling revitalized.

Nutrient & mineral deficiencies

Most diets are low in nutrients required by the adrenals. These include B-complex vitamins, vitamins A, C and E, manganese, zinc, chromium, selenium and other trace elements.  The reasons for this begin with how food is grown.  Most food is grown on depleted soils. Processing and refining further deplete nutrients.

How do we assess Fatigue

The most important thing is the get to the root cause of the reason you have fatigue issues and we start to do this by taking a comprehensive case history where we look at the function all your body systems and organs and go through a fatigue and energy questionaire, in-house testing and screening as well as pathology testing to assess gut health, inflammation, nutritonal deficiencies and toxicity.

For more information click on our screening and testing services

At Revitalize we focus on identifying and treating the cause of your fatigue and coach and guide you back to vital wellness, I specialize in energy restoration, mood enhancement, stress management & sleep support.

So don't wait make your appointment today and feel revitalized!

Fill in the comprehensive Adrenal Fatigue Quesitonnaire